Thursday, April 07, 2005

To recognize the great ones

We all know that we need a Hall of Fame to recognize U.S. Pro Basketball(NBA/ABA). The "Basketball Hall of Fame" just isn't getting the job done. Recently 7 NBA players were up for induction into the "Basketball Hall of Fame" and not one made it. The list included both Dominique Wilkins, the ninth all-time leading scorer, and Joe Dumars, only the second person to win a championship as both a player and an executive. Also denied were Bernard King, Maurice Cheeks, Adrian Dantley, Dennis Johnson and Chet Walker. The idea that none of these guys are deserving of laughable. Here is a good article on the subject.

What I would like to do is take some ideas on how to start electing people to this Hall of Fame. Should we start with the best(Jordan) and go from there. Should we start with the old timers and move forward. I'm open to suggestions.

My first thought was to start with the best and elect one and week for a year or so then slow down to once a month. But like I said I'm open. Your comments are welcomed!